fast supply vessels

Brazil’s ETP delivers two Incat Crowther fast supply vessels

Named Baru Providencia and Baru Antares, they are the third and fourth in a 12 boat series built for Baru Offshore.

The designs have been optimized to comply with the UT4000 Fast Supply Vessel specification. Ship’s fuel is in excess of 40,000 liters, with a cargo fuel load of 90,000 liters. There is also capacity for 90,000 liters of cargo fresh water.

The vessels are dominated by an expansive aft deck of 225 square meters of usable area, planked with hardwood and protected by sturdy cargo rails.

An additional 30 sq. meters of cargo area is provided inside the main deck cabin, allowing for the carriage of items out of the elements, such as food and other supplies. Also housed in the main deck cabin are wet room and laundry facilities.

The upper deck wheelhouse includes an aft facing control station allowing for safe and efficient maneuvering.

Below decks are six cabins, accommodating 11 crew, as well as a mess, galley and bathrooms.

The vessels are powered by a quartet of Cummins QSK 50 main engines, each rated at 1,800hp @ 1,800 rpm.

Electrical requirements are met by two two Cummins QSM 11 gensets, each rated at 280 ekW

Propulsion is by four fixed-pitched propellers, with two 150 hp electric tunnel bow thrusters enhancing maneuverability.

The vessels have a service speed of 21 knots and a maximum speed of 25 knots.