ST Engineering says more about VT Halter LNG bunkering ATB

Written by Nick Blenkey
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ATB LNG bunkering barge

NOVEMBER 10, 2017 — A contract announcement today by Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd gives a few more details of the LNG ATB unit ordered from its U.S. shipyard, VT Halter Marine Inc., by Q-LNG (see earlier story).

According to ST Engineering, Q-LNG has contracted VT Halter Marine for engineering services to complete the detailed functional design for the development and construction of one LNG Bunkering ATB unit.

The ATB tug will have two GE 6L250 MDC EPA Tier 4-compliant main engines, delivering 5,100 hp, with Z-drives, and dimensions of 128 ft x 42 ft x 21 ft. The barge is designed to carry 4,000m3 of LNG, and will have dimensions of 324 ft x 64 ft x 32.6 ft. The LNG ATB Unit is designed to meet the requirements of American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS) and the International Gas Carrier (IGC) code as an LNG bunkering barge.

The ATB is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2020.

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