PODCAST: Small-scale ferry operations and the bigger picture

Written by Marine Log Staff
Nigel Cabral

Nigel Cabral, CEO of Tideline Marine Group.

In this edition of Listen Up!, we talk to Nigel Cabral, who is the CEO of Tideline Marine Group, a ferry services and maritime consulting firm based in Tiburon, Calif., that focuses on all things related to small-scale ferry operations including:

  • Small-scale ferry operations on the West Coast and how what they do can apply anywhere;
  • Cutting emissions and whether or not to electrify;
    Lessons learned from COVID-19;
  • Integrating transit solutions into corporate America; and
  • The importance of operators doing feasibility studies.

Cabral is originally from Goa, India, where for 10 years he held the position of COO of the Cabral Group of companies, a family owned business that included two shipyards, a hotel, and a fleet of vessels engaged in marine logistics.

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