Live from SMM: Octopus provides easy access to vital ship info

Written by Marine Log Staff
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SEPTEMBER 8, 2016—This past week at SMM in Hamburg, Germany, “fuel savings,” “energy efficiency,” and “cost control” were the three topics that popped up in just about every conversation about ship operations. ABB has been listening. Besides “hardware” products such as Azipods, ABB offers a wide portfolio of marine software and optimization systems aimed at minimizing fuel consumption, maximizing efficiency, and bettering the bottom line.

One of those products is the Octopus Voyage & Energy Management suite, which provides information needed to optimize the safety of the ship and minimize the overall fuel and energy costs.  Octopus technology has been installed in more than 400 ships.

In the latest release of Octopus, Mikko Lepisto, Senior VP, PG Vessel Information and Control, BU Marine and Ports, ABB, told Marine Log, “We are bringing together two worlds, the world on the bridge that the Captain is responsible for, he’s making decisions to deliver the cargo on time with the least fuel, and then we’re bringing the world of the Chief Engineer in the engine control room to run the equipment with the optimum conditions so now everybody can work with the same technology backbone across the vessel.”

Lepisto discussed how Octopus will provide the additional visibility to all stakeholders—both onboard operational staff and shore-side management. You can hear more of the interview by clicking on the podcast below.


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