Volvo Penta IMO III gensets will provide power backup for five Norwegian electric ferries

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Ferries will operate on Oslo Fjord

Turkey’s Sefine Shipyard has won an order to supply Norwegian operator Boreal with five electric ferries. Designed by Multi Maritime, they will operate to-and-from the islands in the inner Oslo fjord and run scheduled services throughout the day. Each will have a length of 35 meters, a beam of 8 meters, and will be capable of accommodating up to 350 people ontwo passenger decks capable of accommodating up to 350 people.

Although designed to operate primarily using dockside battery charging, they will be able to fall back upon range-extending power, thanks an IMO III diesel solution from Volvo Penta that will ensure schedules and passenger safety are never compromised.

Each ferry will be equipped with two Volvo Penta D13 MG IMO III generator sets (gensets). These connect to the ferries’ own control systems and are approved to run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO – EN 15940), a fossil-free fuel that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and particulate matter by up to 90%.

Sefine is racing to meet the contract’s tight deadline of having all five boats operational by 2022. Volvo Penta will start supplying its IMO III gensets later this year, with the last two gensets being delivered by mid-year 2021. Each generator set will supply 265 kWe electrical power.

“This is a very exciting contract win for us,” says Mehmet Belibağlı, Volvo Penta’s Sales Manager, Marine Commercial in Turkey. “Working in Oslo’s fjords is prestigious and gives a high profile to Volvo Penta’s IMO III solution – and our ongoing ambitions to promote electrification and sustainable propulsion systems.”

“Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) based IMO III gensets are extremely compact,” says Jacob Vierø, Sales Project Manager at Volvo Penta. “Not only that, our system offers greater efficiency, as they are designed from the start to work together. This ‘one stop shop’ approach allows us to package all the componentry tightly, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.”


Volvo Penta offers an IMO III engine range for Volvo Penta IPS, Diesel Inboard, Marine Genset, and Auxiliary applications. Using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment technology and based on a common engine platform, this solution offers a complete system approach. It includes all functions and offers the convenience of a single point of contact and source of aftermarket support. It is type-approved and developed, certified, monitored, and maintained by Volvo Penta.

As repowers account for a large proportion of installations, the utilization of machine room space has been a Volvo Penta priority, with the design of the SCR unit allowing for multiple configurations to compliment varied space needs. For easy installation, the SCR unit also features multiple outlets with robust bolt flanges. Lastly, operators benefit from a fully integrated system that allows the entire solution to be monitored from the Electronic Vessel Control System (EVC) or Marine Commercial Control (MCC) displays.

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