VIDEO: Meyer Turku shipyard floats out Costa Toscana

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Costa Toscana is set to make its debut in Brazil in the 2021-22 season. [Image; Meyer Turku]

Finland’s Meyer Turku shipyard today floated out Costa Toscana, the new flagship of Carnival Corporation’s Italian company, Costa Cruises. Like sister ship Costa Smeralda, the 337 meter, 6,730 passenger vessel will be fueled by LNG.

“The float-out is always a very special occasion for us shipbuilders, as the ship is finally set to her natural environment. As this is also the start of the final stage of shipbuilding, all the exciting colors, venues and features will start taking their final form. In the coming months she will be finalized at the pier and then tested and commissioned in the autumn for delivery,” said Meyer Turku CEO Tim Meyer.

Mario Zanetti, chief commercial officer of Costa Cruises and president of Costa Group Asia, commented: “We are confident in the recovery of our industry, and we are excited about the arrival of new ships like Costa Toscana, which embodies the elements we want to focus on for the future. First of all, it is an excellent and innovative ship, attractive for new customers, which is going to be fundamental, especially when people will be able to freely travel again and will have a great desire for holidays. Looking beyond the pandemic, the second element we are focusing on is to complete the transformation of our fleet and operations into a sustainable model. In addition to LNG technology, we are developing other innovative solutions, such as shore power and batteries, as we continue to work towards achieving zero emissions over time.”


Costa Toscana has been designed to be a traveling “smart city,” where sustainable solutions and circular economy concepts are applied to reduce environmental impact. Thanks to the use of LNG, it will be possible to virtually eliminate emissions of sulfur dioxide (zero emissions) and particulate matter into the atmosphere (95-100% reduction), while also significantly lowering emissions of nitrogen oxides (direct reduction of 85%) and CO2 (up to 20%).

On board, special desalinisation plants will process seawater directly to meet daily water supply requirements, and energy consumption will be reduced to a minimum thanks to an intelligent energy efficiency system. In addition, 100% separate collection and recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum will be carried out on board, as part of an integrated approach aimed at supporting circular economy projects.

Costa Toscana is set to make its debut in Brazil in the 2021-22 season.

Length: 337 meters

Width: 42 meters

Draft max: approx. 8.8 meters

Gross Tonnage: 185,000

Passenger cabins: 2,663

Total passengers: approx. 6,730

Balcony cabin ratio: 62.6%

Total crew: 1,646

Service speed: 17 knots

No. of main engines: 4

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