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Derek Walker, Director of newly formed Dynamic Integrating

FEBRUARY 1, 2016—Scantrol, MEC/MJR and Hydrofit have formed a new U.K.-based joint venture called Dynamic Integrating that will offer electric and hydraulic drive and control solutions for marine and offshore winches.

Derek Walker, with over 35 years of experience in drive solutions and Active Heave Compensation (AHC) for winches and cranes has been named the Director of Dynamic Integrating. 

“The idea behind Dynamic Integrating is to offer efficient integrated solutions by using the combined drive and drive control capabilities of Hydrofit, MEC/MJR and Scantrol,” says Walker.

The joint venture will combine the capabilities of Hydrofit, a hydraulic power system expert, Scantrol, a control system supplier well known for their AHC, and MEC/MJR, a system integrator with long experienced track record with electric drives, systems controls and automation in marine and offshore. These complementary capabilities give Dynamic Integrating a competitive edge in its markets for marine and offshore winch applications. More specifically, Dynamic Integrating is targeting all winch and crane manufacturers and vessel operators within offshore, subsea and marine research.

Smart process + proven technology = reduced lifecycle costs

In addition to Dynamic Integrating’s access to smart, proven and standardized technology, Walker’s knowledge and experience is a key asset for the company.

He has extensive experience of converting minimal or complex specification into a reality of hydraulic and electrical winch drives and controls, particularly for Active Heave Compensation.

His focus is on helping the customers to simplify complex technical solutions to a right first time solution and thus ensure the customers technical success. Walker promotes the solutions and products from the three partner companies in the UK market. Furthermore he brings together all these solutions, interfacing with clients and uses his expertise to help them through the process of compiling hydraulic and electrical drive solutions, specifications and proposals working from the most minimal of information.

Customers exploiting Dynamic Integrating’s long experience and proven technology will benefit from greater solution understanding, reduced technical and commercial risks, reduced R&D costs and increased operational time. In sum this gives the customer reduced lifecycle cost for their winch or crane applications.

Dynamic Integrating’s main customer base will be in the UK. The JV partners Hydrofit, Scantrol and MEC/MJR are still independent companies offering their technical solutions either individually or together in the global market.

“In the current market situation we expect the retrofit market to be at least as important as the market for newbuilding. I am currently receiving several enquiries about upgrade of existing systems. For instance is AHC upgrade a cost-efficient way to add substantial value to an existing subsea winch compared to buying a new system,” explains Walker.

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