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Victory Cruise Lines now has a slip at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Written by Marine Log Staff
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M/V Victory I docking at Navy Pier (Photo: American Queen Steamboat Company)

Victory Cruise Lines, a specialist in Great Lakes cruising, has a new slip at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

The M/V Victory I and M/V Victory II transport travelers to the treasures of the Great Lakes, Canada and New England, and now offer seamless access to downtown Chicago for embarkation and disembarkation.

Spanning six city blocks into the southern coast of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is the perfect destination to welcome cruisers to the Windy City.

Victory Cruise Line’s M/V Victory I and M/V Victory II launched all new itineraries this spring with ports of call such as Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Mackinac Island, Toronto and Quebec

Victory Cruise Lines is owned and operated by American Queen Steamboat Company.

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