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Vard nets order for ultra modern pelagic trawler

Written by Nick Blenkey
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ST-126 design trawler will be the owner's third Skipsteknisk vessel, all three being built in Norway

MARCH 2, 2017 — Research Fishing Company Ltd., Lerwick, Shetland, has signed a contract with Vard Group AS for construction of an 80 m x 16.2 m pelagic trawler

The contract value is approximately NOK 350 million (about $41.4 million.

Designed by Skipsteknisk AS in Ålesund, Norway, in close cooperation with the owner, the ST-126 design vessel will be the owner’s third Skipsteknisk vessel, all three being built in Norway. The first was built by Slipen Mekaniske in Sandnessjøen in 1997, the second by Flekkefjord Slipp in 2003, while delivery of this latest vessel is scheduled from Vard’s Langsten shipyard in third quarter 2018.

The ship is a modern pelagic trawler utilizing the latest technology. All winches are electrically powered to reduce oil spills and pollution in the event of leaks. Even the fish pump is electrically operated and is the first of its kind in the world.

The main engine uses common rail technology ensuring the lowest possible fuel consumption and lower emissions then before.

The cooling system for fish the and associated pumping systems are arranged for rapid and efficient cooling and smooth handling of fish, ensuring premium product quality and with minimum damage to the product.

The trawler will also be equipped with Vard’s SeaQ Bridge, an integrated bridge solution including monitoring, alarm and automation systems designed with the operator in mind and organized to achieve a clean and efficient workspace with focus on ease of operation, safety and ergonomics. The bridge is designed with large seamless multifunctional displays.

Vard CEO and Executive Director Roy Reite commented, “I am pleased to welcome Research Fishing Company’s team and crew to Vard. Our history started with small family-owned shipyards, building fishing boats for shipowners around the edge of the North Sea. This heritage has been passed down through generations, and we are proud to be the trusted partner in the new fleet investment in the Shetlands.”

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