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Thordon launches ThorPlas-Blue for deck machinery

Written by Nick Blenkey

ThorPlas-groupJULY 9, 2013 —Burlington, Ontario, based Thordon Bearings Inc. has launched ThorPlas-Blue, an addition to its grease-free polymer lineup that can be back-fit into virtually all deck machinery applications where greased bronze is currently installed.

The lifetime-lubricated bearing formula is capable of operating pressures up to 45MPa (6,527 psi). ThorPlas-Blue was developed as a maintenance-free solution to replaced greased bronze bearings as well as eliminate a source of pollution.

Deck machinery and steering gear bearings require frequent maintenance and grease lubrication. There is a cost consequence to the ship owner when routine maintenance is delayed or greasing is overlooked.

Thordon says that ThorPlas-Blue bearings ensure smooth, reliable operation of all deck machinery, reduce the need for costly periodic maintenance of greased bronze bushings and bring peace of mind knowing seized bearings from inadequate greasing is no longer a possibility.

With the elimination of grease, ThorPlas-Blue offers improved safety for the crew members as they do not have to grease bushings in hard to reach locations.

“We are using Thordon materials in more and more applications where in the past we have had costly failures and difficult maintenance. Thordon bearings for previously seized davit, fairlead and other deck machinery bearings have reduced wire and mooring rope wear and have significantly reduced replacement costs. These materials are not only saving us money but are significantly reducing management concerns over pollution,” says Chris Joly, Principal Manager for Marine Engineering and Corporate Shipbuilding at Carnival Corporation & PLC.

ThorPlas-Blue not only has a lower density and thus less weight in comparison to metal bearings but it also is self-lubricating which means no grease while eliminating corrosion concerns. The lubricants formulated throughout the homogenous ThorPlas-Blue polymer matrix ensure a low, stable coefficient of friction, even as the bearing wears. Unlike metal bearings, ThorPlas-Blue machines easily and can be installed quickly into a variety of applications.

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