Singapore Shipping Association and ClassNK ink cybersecurity MOU

Written by Marine Log Staff
Cybersecurity MOU signing

Front row: Michael Phoon, executive director, SSA (left); Capt. Naoki Saito, general manager of maritime education and training certification department, ClassNK. Back row: Yasushi Seto, regional manager, ClassNK Singapore Office (left); Teo Teng Seng, board advisor at Pacific International Lines Logistics and Chairman of SSA Digital Transformation Committee (right).

As a global maritime hub connecting regional and global markets, Singapore is ideally positioned to conduct research on on ways to increase the cyber resilience of the global supply chain. Now those efforts will move forward. The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) and ClassNK have signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to establish a framework for cooperation in cybersecurity research activities.

With the signing of the MOU, the two parties will conduct joint basic research on establishing vessel cybersecurity operation centers that will provide crew members with support from onshore in monitoring and responding to cyber events onboard.

Based on expertise and experience gained from this research, SSA and ClassNK will work on drafting a joint white paper on the findings of the research and on developing education and training plans for personnel.

“Cyber-risks for ships are growing, as our industry gets more digitally sophisticated, integrated, and automated,” said Michael Phoon, executive director of the Singapore Shipping Association. “Today, many shipping companies are focused on providing better welfare onboard for their seafarers, such as internet connectivity for them to stay in touch with their family and friends. That means, the ability of onshore personnel to gain access to decisive and strategic cyber threat intelligence and insights is critical. This SSA-ClassNK partnership is timely as it forms the basis for efficient operations of cyber security operation centers aimed at supporting onboard cyber needs”.

Capt. Naoki Saito, general manager of maritime education and training certification department, ClassNK said:
“Recognizing that cyber security is a challenge that should be tackled with a collaborative approach by the industry, ClassNK firmly believes international frameworks can commit to helping the industry in raising awareness and studying the real-world risks. In this light, ClassNK is very glad to expand its partnerships with the driving leader in the sector in Singapore, a global maritime hub. We are committing to take this opportunity to identify the possible measures to establish the best practice on the issue. We hope to bridge the outcome from the MOU to contribute to ensure the regional and global growth of maritime transportation in a secured manner.”

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