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SEACOR: Delivering Bahamas relief demands expertise as well as good intentions

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Image source: SEACOR Island Lines

With donors building large stocks of emergency supplies across Florida and beyond for Bahamians impacted by Hurricane Dorian, the need for efficient logistics is critical to reaching those in need, says Fort Lauderdale, Fla., headquartered SEACOR Island Lines, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CKH).

Island Lines has already delivered several shipments of relief supplies to Freeport, Grand Bahama, and today delivered its first supplies to the Abaco Islands, with calls in Baker’s Bay and Marsh Harbour using its specialized shallow-draft landing craft.

The company has decades of experience providing disaster relief and recovery logistic support having assisted other island nations and territories throughout the Caribbean respond to hurricanes and other significant natural disasters.

SEACOR has committed $250,000 in financial aid and in-kind logistical support and is partnering with carefully selected and qualified charitable organizations with proven backgrounds in responding to, and working through, disaster responses. These organizations include the following entities:

  • Bahamas Red Cross
  • National Association of the Bahamas
  • Rotary Club of Freeport
  • Mission Resolve
  • United Way of Broward County

Island Lines has agreed to offer favorable terms to charitable organizations looking to deliver emergency supplies safely and efficiently to the hurricane survivors. One such organization is Mission Resolve, which is collaborating with leading members of South Florida’s business and philanthropic communities to create the Bahamian Relief Consortium. One hundred percent of the net proceeds raised by Mission Resolve will go to the response effort in the Bahamas and other affected areas as will donated relief goods.

“SEACOR is a strong, reliable, and cost-efficient freight provider that we have worked with for many years. In times of disaster and crisis, they understand the complexities of response efforts and have a proven track record of getting the job done,” said Joe Farrell Jr., Founder of Mission Resolve and President and CEO of Resolve Marine Group.

Dan Thorogood, who oversees Ocean Transportation and Logistics Services for SEACOR said, “We are committed to being reliable partners to the Bahamian people as they undertake the long and challenging process of rebuilding their communities. Island Lines continues to work closely with the Bahamian authorities to make certain the right relief supplies reach their intended destinations in the Abacos where the situation remains dynamic.”

To ensure donors achieve their objective of providing the most immediate and impactful aid to the hurricane survivors, Island Lines recommends donors adopt the following three principles when identifying a charity to support:

  • Identify charitable organizations that have the resources and on-the-ground contacts to determine the most pressing supply needs;
  • Verify that charitable organizations have the means to deliver donated goods directly to the communities in need; and
  • Commit to charitable organizations that have the means to prioritize the long-term recovery and rehabilitation of the affected communities as well as identify their immediate short-term needs.

Island Lines has a 20-year relationship serving the Bahamian community. On an annual basis, the company conducts approximately 1,000 port calls and delivers more than 300,000 tons of cargo into the Bahamas.

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