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Russian crab-catching vessels feature Schottel propulsion

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Ten new crab-catching vessels being built to Damen CC 5712 design for Russian companies will be propelled by Schottel.

Ten new Damen designed crab-catching vessels for the Russian crab-catching companies Antey, Merlion, and Aqvainvest will be propelled by Schottel propulsion systems. Eight will be built at Russia’s Nakhodka shipyard and two more at another Russian yard, Brothers Nobel, the largest shipyard on the upper Volga River.

They are scheduled to enter operation from 2020 to 2024.

Russian crab-catchers will each be equipped with one four-bladed Schottel Controllable Propeller as the main propulsion unit

Each of the 57.7 meter long by 12.6 meter wide ice-class vessels will be equipped with one type SCP 77 four-bladed Schottel Controllable Propeller with diameter of 2.8 meters and driven by a diesel engine developing 1,620 kW at 750 rpm. With this configuration, the vessels will achieve a free running speed of approximately 12 knots. For improved maneuverability, each new build will also be provided with one 400 kW type STT 1 CP. Schottel Transverse Thruster.

Crab catching vessels face very diverse demands. The vessel needs to be able to transit to fishing grounds rapidly and efficiently, but must be able to maneuver precisely to position and haul the crab pots. Additionally, the crab-catching grounds are relatively remote areas with extremely harsh weather conditions, which demand robust and reliable equipment. A Schottel propulsion package consisting of controllable pitch propeller and tunnel thruster is well suited to these demands.

State-of-the-art calculation methods ensure that each SCP is optimally adapted to hydrodynamic conditions. As a result, operators benefit from a high degree of efficiency leading to lower operating costs and reduced fuel consumption with the robust design of the SCP keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum and ensuring a long service lifetime.

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