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Reintjes launches new down angle gearbox range

Written by Nick Blenkey
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First Reintjes gearbox of the new Down Angle series: WVSA 1540

AUGUST 4, 2016 — Gearbox specialist Reintjes GmbH will be presenting its new series of WSVA down angle gearboxes at next month’s SMM event in Hamburg, Germany.

A down angle gearbox allows a space-saving engine room design, with the main engine installed horizontally, while the propeller shaft slopes downwards at the inclination angle inside the gearbox.

This means a shorter propeller shaft can be used which leads to a smaller engine room.

By the end of 2015 a down angle prototype had successfully completed its first test runs at the Reintjes facilities.

The conical spur gears that, in this gearbox series, generate a shaft angle of 8° to 10° between the Input and output shaft, were put through a hard and intensive test and special attention was paid to the tooth design and contact pattern under load in order to reduce the noise emission — an important selection criterion for the customer.

Compared to commercially available down angle gearboxes, the noise values were very satisfactory during initial measurements.

The so-called beveloid gear design presented a special challenge in design, calculation and the manufacturing, but, says Reintjes, “all were managed in a proper manner.”

The new Reintjes Down Angle gearbox series comprises sizes WVSA 340, WVSA 740, and WVSA 1540 and is available at a power range from 250 to 3,250 kW and a reduction ratio of 1.5 to 4.Important features include the aluminum housing and the shaft angle of 8° to 10° essential for down angle gearboxes.

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