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LR and ABS release jointly developed CRS software

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shakeLloyd’s Register CEO Richard Sadler (left in picture) and ABS Chairman and CEO Robert D. Somerville (right) have signed an agreement that sees the two classification societies release jointly-developed software that will be used to assess bulk carriers and oil tankers designed to comply with IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR). The common software draws upon the technical strengths of ABS and Lloyd’s Register and will be used to evaluate new designs presented to either society.

shake300ABS and LR have also established Common Structural Rules Software, LLC – a joint company with offices in Houston and London. It will maintain the newly released software and develop new common software which will assess vessels designed to comply with the harmonized CSR that will be submitted for industry review in 2012.

“I am pleased that the strategy laid out a decade ago is achieving our objectives,” said ABS Chairman and CEO Robert D. Somerville. “First was the development of the CSR which was completed in 2005. It was always our vision that the next step would be the common software that we announce today. Since many shipowners have also been requesting common software, this is truly an important milestone. The joint venture will hopefully help to drive the final step – the adoption of common software by other societies. It is ABS’ and LR’s desire that other societies join in this initiative.”

“This is what shipowners, designers and shipbuilders need. We can only obtain consistency in CSR calculations through common software,” said Richard Sadler, Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd’s Register Group. “We very much hope that other classification societies will join this common project.”

CSR Software is being officially released to the industry today. Training sessions will be offered in key maritime locations with the initial sessions scheduled for Shanghai, China during March.

“ABS and LR have developed an excellent working relationship during the last few years,” said CSR Software Director of Operations Robert Spencer. “We have mutual respect for the technical capabilities of each society and this is important as we begin the development of the new software.”

The common software will be available for download on  April 5 at www.CommonStructuralRulesSoftware.com. Technical software support will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

April 4, 2011

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