Hydrex carries out more underwater propeller cone fin installations

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MAY 16, 2018 — Underwater repair specialist Hydrex reports that over the last few months it has carried out underwater installations of propeller cone fins on several general cargo and container vessels.

Hydrex says that it can carry out these operations all over the world and that a direct result is that an owner can instantly start benefitting from the fuel savings a propeller cone fin brings without having to wait until the next scheduled drydocking for the installation.

Propeller caps of this type can recover energy loss of a propeller hub vortex in the propeller’s slipstream. This decreases fuel consumption by 3% up to 5%, according to the manufacturers, and reduces cavitation on rudders and hulls.

Hydrex can install propeller cone fins underwater on any size and make of propeller, on both newbuild or in-service vessels. It carries out these operations following the specific procedures required by the OEM, adapted for an underwater installation.


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