FUELTRAX establishes Nigeria affiliate

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There is a growing need for dedicated local support for the users of Electronic Fuel Management Systems (EFMS) in Nigeria. Nautical Control Solutions, LP, the maker of FUELTRAX, has responded by setting up its first subsidiary, NCS West Africa Limited (NCS WA), to provide in-country presence and support for users of FUELTRAX solutions in Nigeria and surrounding area

A head office has been established in Victoria Island, Lagos, with a facility in Onne, Port Harcourt, where services to be offered at the Onne facility include a turn-key calibration process for Coriolis mass flowmeters. This will allow for FUELTRAX meters to be calibrated locally to ensure that instrument measurement is accurate and within the required limits. Providing this service locally will help clients to reduce overall business costs by minimizing system downtime and associated costs of out-of-country calibration options. Periodic calibration is required in areas where high quality and safety standards remain mission-critical to operations.

FUELTRAX currently operates on over 130 systems on vessels in offshore Nigeria.

International oil companies operating in West Africa are driven by the need to demonstrate compliance and ensure fuel accountability. They require the installation of EFMS, such as FUELTRAX, on vessels in West Africa to achieve this goal. FUELTRAX maintains its position as the market leader in West Africa and around the globe.

The development of NCS WA heightens FUELTRAX services in Nigeria, by delivering additional assurance and support through advanced calibration services.

West Africa Operations Manager, Bene Okorie, NCS WA, says that clients in Nigeria had asked for an in-country presence and and the company promised to deliver that at the FUELTRAX Symposium held in Lagos in June 2018.

“We are proud to say we have now fulfilled that promise,” he said. “This also demonstrates our quest to be closer to our clients. With this in place, we will maintain FUELTRAX uptime for our Nigeria vessel operators, assist them to meet their client’s needs, and carry our local and regional vessel owners along as we lead the global Electronic Fuel Management sector.”

CEO and Founder, Anthony George, FUELTRAX, says: “Nigeria has always been where we have seen the greatest need for calibration services and enhanced vessel security solutions. The new business direction with NCS WA has allowed us the opportunity to immediately address these needs through a local calibration offering. We have standardized on Coriolis mass flowmeters, meaning our product provides our customers with the greatest security, reliability, accuracy and intelligence available, and we stand by this decision by providing these maintenance services locally in Nigeria.”

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