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Denise Verreault slams Quebec ferry building decision

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deniseDenise Verreault, president and CEO of Groupe Maritime Verreault, has strongly criticized the Quebec government’s decision to award a contract for the construction of two ferries to the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, a decision that is not, she said, in Quebec’s interests.

“This decision is deplorable for several reasons.  Firstly, it means that the Quebec government does not recognize Quebecers’ talent and expertise, even though there are several Quebec companies that are highly qualified for this type of contract.  For instance, SNC-Lavalin’s expertise in contract management is recognized around the world.  If the government wants to help the Davie shipyards, it should use Quebec-based expertise and look to the Canadair case, which was saved by Bombardier several years ago.”

“Moreover, this decision doesn’t create any long-term wealth, for instance, by allowing us to develop a unique way of doing things that could eventually be exported and thus benefit regional economies,” she continued.

“And finally, it is an in appropriate use of public funds and taxes paid by Quebecers.  These should be put to the service of Quebec’s needs,” stated Denise Verreault.

For these reasons, the president and CEO of Groupe Maritime Verreault urges Quebec’s government to review this decision.

June 23, 2011

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