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Court accepts guilty pleas in Costa Concordia trial

Written by Nick Blenkey

costa concordiaJULY 22, 2013 — A court in Grosseto, Italy, has accepted plea deals from five people charged with manslaughter in the Costa Concordia case. Thirty-two people died in the January 2012 loss of the cruise ship.

The court imposed the following prison sentences:

Roberto Ferrarini (director of Costa Crociere’s crisis unit) – two years and 10 months
Manrico Giampedroni (Costa Crociere’s cabin service director) – two years and six months
Ciro Ambrosio (first officer) – one year and 11 months
Jacob Rusli Bin (helmsman) – one year and eight months
Silvia Coronica (third officer) – one year and six months

None will likely actually serve any time. Sentences of under two years are suspended in Italy, while longer sentences may be appealed or replaced with community service, reports cite judicial sources as saying.

Capt Francesco Schettino is being tried separately. Prosecutors rejected his request for a plea bargain.

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