Corps spending plan funds remainder of Soo Lock project

Written by Heather Ervin
Soo Lock in 2021

Soo Lock last winter. Credit: Carrie Fox, USACE Great Lakes Division

Following the January 19 release of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s distribution plan per the Biden administration’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)’s 60-day enactment requirement, the American Great Lakes Ports Association (AGLPA) announced that the plan will fully fund the remainder of the Soo Lock project.

The legislation, which was signed into law on November 15, 2021, includes an historic infusion of $1.2 trillion to improve highway, rail, aviation, navigation, water, broadband and energy infrastructure.

The IIJA provides the Corps of Engineers with $17 billion for its civil works program, which includes flood control, navigation, water supply and environmental infrastructure. These funds are in addition to regular annual Congressional appropriations for the Corps.

According to AGLPA, highlights include the following major Great Lakes construction projects:

  • $479 million to complete and close out the new Soo Lock project;
  • $37.3 million to complete and close out the major rehabilitation project for the existing Soo Locks; and
  • $225.8 million to complete planning, engineering and design and initiate construction of the Brandon Road Lock & Dam project in Illinois to control migration of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes.


An additional $84 million of operation and maintenance funding was provided to 13 Great Lakes harbor projects, which include dredging and breakwater repairs.

With regard to the Soo Lock project, AGLPA says the Biden administration had budgeted $480 million for the project in FY2022. While Congress has yet to complete work on the FY2022 appropriation bills, the Biden Administration has committed to provide the project with the full $480 million even if Congress fails to enact the appropriation bills and the government operates under a year-long continuing resolution.

The $479 million announced today (from the IIJA) will provide the remaining funding needed to complete the new lock project—above and beyond the $480 million provided in FY2022.

You can view a list of construction projects funded today or view a list of operation and maintenance projects funded today.


Founded in 1977, the American Great Lakes Ports Association is an organization representing the interests of commercial ports and port users on the U.S. side of the Great Lakes. AGLPA works to influence public policies with the goal of fostering maritime commerce and related employment in the Great Lakes region. The association works to educate policy makers, media, and the general public regarding the critical role of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway shipping in the region’s economy.

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