OSM Maritime to standardize on Tero Marine fleet management software

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Rune Lyngaas, CEO of Tero Marine

Arendal, Norway, headquartered ship management specialist OSM Maritime Group has signed an agreement that will see Bergen-headquartered fleet management software provider Tero Marine’s TM Master suite installed across the OSM fleet globally.

OSM Maritime Group, which has offices worldwide, has more than 500 vessels under management. TM Master is currently installed on close to 70 vessels in OSM’s Norway and Singapore managed fleets. It will now become OSM’s product of choice for handling maintenance and purchasing activities across its entire fleet.

The cooperation between OSM and Tero Marine will also extend the use of TM Master into OSM’s value adding services such as Catering Management.

“OSM Maritime Group has a strong focus on contributing to our customers’ success by delivering consistent and high-quality services. To do this, full insight and transparency by sharing the same level of information between vessels, us and our customers are key to enabling data-driven decision making. Consequently, we have been reviewing our core business processes to align them with the opportunities we see from extending our partnership with Tero Marine,” says Bjoern Sprotte, CEO of OSM.

“OSM and Tero Marine partnership goes back six years already, and the fact that OSM have chosen to extend their business with us demonstrates our ability to help our customers fullfil their digitalization journey in an increasingly complex landscape,” says Rune Lyngaas, CEO of Tero Marine.

At the core of OSM Maritime’s digitalization strategy is the visualization of quality data to monitor the fleet and provide real-time support to the crew, around-the-clock support, performance management and fast response capabilities if the need arises.

Combined with a powerful analytics platform that helps it capture and act on detailed insights from the data, OSM is able to work in close collaboration with its customers. It has tested artificial intelligence capabilities that enable the platform to identify advanced correlations that humans would normally not be able to catch on first sight. TM Master as the preferred maintenance and purchasing system will fit seamlessly into this digital strategy.

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