Globalstar launches new Sat-Fi2 remote antenna station bundle for maritime communications

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Sat-Fi2 RAS+

Covington, La., headquartered satcom services provider Globalstar, Inc. has introduced its offering for the maritime industry. The new Sat-Fi2 Remote Antenna Station (RAS)+, expands the capabilities of the more portable Sat-Fi2 Wi-Fi Hotspot by incorporating a highly efficient remote antenna, combined with additional accessories, making it a one-stop shop option for enabling communication where cellular service is unavailable.

The Sat-Fi2 RAS+ easily installs to a fixed power source for seamless connectivity via the next generation Globalstar Satellite Network. The Sat-Fi2 RAS+ utilizes satellite wi-fi technology enabling users to stay connected while they are mobile, and ideal for users in remote locations offshore and along coastal and inland waterways.

The solution includes a pole-mounted satellite antenna and a pole-mounted marine GPS antenna that addresses the demand for satellite communications on the water.

Globalstar’s new Sat-Fi2 RAS+ maritime solution is designed as a low-cost alternative satellite terminal that provides voice, and data services, while being flexible enough for enabled crew solution devices to be integrated. The solution has a small helical satellite and GPS antenna with a below-deck fixed power unit, wi-fi and ethernet connections as well as voice from a smartphone app or email, SMS, data and weather information. If preferred, an additional desktop app can also be used to conduct business independent or simultaneous to other users.

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