Harvey Gulf wins contract extensions for two LNG fueled PSVs

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Shane Guidry, CEO, Harvey Gulf International

Harvey Gulf International Marine reports that it has signed 18-month contract extensions for two of its LNG fueled PSVs. The extensions will keep both vessel under charter well into 2022. Harvey also announced that it has signed a long term contract for its new fuel dock in Port Fourchon, La., to supply diesel fuel to a super major.

Harvey CEO, Shane Guidry, commented: “At Harvey, we have a safety record that no boat company can match. We have a 99.2 percent operational success rate annually. That’s an average of only 2.92 days of annual unplanned repairs. No other company even comes close to these results. And we do this year over year. Our LNG vessels DP on location longer than our peers during critical times, such as high currents and heavy seas. They’re also the most fuel efficient and fastest PSV’s. So, when you add all this up, they are still the most sought after vessels in the world. We are very thankful to our client for these contract extensions.”

“I’m also looking forward to becoming America’s and Port Fourchon’s only facility selling both LNG, and diesel fuel for marine use,” Guidry continued.”We want to thank the clients that have already committed to purchasing fuel from us. We will deliver fuel in the specifications requested, at a cheaper price, and are set up to take fuel back from our term customers.”

Today, Harvey operates in seven countries, and says it is looking to continue this growth and is actively seeking opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

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