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Tallink opts for IoT based operational awareness solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
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FEBRUARY 8, 2018 — Finnish maritime IT startup Fleetrange Ltd is to provide a real-time, IoT (internet of Things) powered operational awareness solution to Estonia’s Tallink Grupp, which operates ships under the Tallink and Silja Line brands.

The solution is designed for instant sharing of operational information between ships and shore organizations. Fleetrange IoT for Tallink features real-time ship motions, accurate ship weather data as well as a live on-demand video feed from Tallink’s 14 ships.

“We have been looking for a fleet-wide operational awareness solution for a few years and the solution offered by Fleetrange meets all our key needs, such as ship tracking, combined with real-time motions, video, wind sensor data and accurate weather forecasts as well as other powerful tools for our captains,” says Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink. “We equipped three of our ships — Silja Symphony, Silja Serenade and Star — with Fleetrange sensor units two months ago as a trial and now, after a successful two month trial period, we are ready to roll this out to our entire fleet. We believe that Fleetrange will enable us to further increase our very high service quality and safety levels and we look forward to maximizing the potential of this mobile-enabled solution in our daily operations.”

“Fleetrange has always been about affordable real time actionable intelligence, easy sharing and superb customer support and we are delighted to provide Tallink with our Fleetrange IoT,” says Henrik Ramm-Schmidt, CEO and Founder of Fleetrange Ltd. “Our agreement is also a hallmark for us, as we are currently also starting the official trials of our automatic Bridge Operational Quality Assurance (BOQA) solution with Tallink.”

Fleetrange IoT provides the ship operator and its captains with a number of key operational awareness tools for efficient information sharing and collaboration in daily operations.

Real time ship tracking is enhanced with ship motion, wind sensor and camera/video data and combined with the most accurate local wind/wave/ice forecasts to give the users what Fleetwide says is “an unprecedented level of situational awareness regardless of time, place or device.”

Fleetrange IoT is also designed for emergency management and includes for example local Search and Rescue (SAR) assets, real-time chat capabilities, the Vessel Triage tool and easy sharing of data to external parties and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCC).

Fleetrange BOQA is a Bridge Operational Quality Assurance solution designed primarily for captains themselves and their fleet managers.

The methodology is adopted from the aviation industry’s Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) methodology and is used for systematically and automatically tracking and trending operational quality events, such as heavy weather along the route, heavy motion, crash stops, excessive turns, proximity to ice and icebergs, close encounter with other ships, ECA/PSSA and restricted area entries, TSS violations by other ships, port arrivals/departures, schedule accuracy, cross-track/off-track, blackouts etc.

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