New battery hybrid tugboat design developed for U.S. market

Written by Nick Blenkey
hybrid tugboat

ElectRA 3000-H will feature up to 2,000 kWh of batteries and a boosted bollard pull of 80 tonnes

Coden, Ala.-based Master Boat Builders Inc. (MBB) and naval architect and marine engineering firm Robert Allan Ltd. (RAL) have developed new battery hybrid tugboat design, the ElectRA 3000-H. This design has been developed over the past several months to suit the evolving needs of U.S. tugboat operators.

“This unique hybrid tugboat design is the result of a strong and growing working relationship between Robert Allan Ltd. and Master Boat Builders and it builds upon our recent experience constructing multiple hybrid tugboats and a battery-powered tugboat for leading maritime operators,” said Garrett Rice, president of Master Boat Builders. “With vast global experience designing many of the world’s top workboats, RAL has been a fantastic teammate for MBB on numerous innovative, modern and reliable tugboat projects for our customers across the country.”

MBB has delivered several RAL-designed vessels over the years, with seven RAL-designed tugboats currently under construction.


“Master Boat Builders is a key shipyard with a proven history of providing numerous high-quality, innovative vessels to a wide range of operators” said Lawren Best, director of design development at Robert Allan Ltd. “We are pleased to utilize our hybrid and battery vessel experience in collaboration with MBB to bring to market this flexible de-risked battery electric hybrid design developed specifically for the requirements of U.S. operators.”

Based on a proven RAL hybrid tug design, the ElectRA 3000-H has evolved to feature up to 2,000 kWh of batteries and a boosted bollard pull of 80 tonnes. With zero emissions during loitering and low speed transits, tugboats constructed to this design will have greatly reduced carbon emissions and will enhance sustainable maritime operations. To ensure operators can retain the flexibility to operate continuously, the tugboat’s main engines and generators both have the ability to charge the tugboat’s batteries and when required provide a continuous bollard pull of over 65 tonnes.

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