Fednav claims a Lakes BWTS first

Federal Caribou is fitted with BallastAce ballast water treatment  system Federal Caribou is fitted with BallastAce ballast water treatment system

AUGUST 23, 2016 — Canada's Fednav Ltd today welcomed the Federal Caribou to the Port of Indiana – Burns Harbor. Recently delivered by Japan's Oshima Shipbuilding, the ship is one of seven new oceangoing lakers equipped with a ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

According to Fednav, this is a first for the Great Lakes.

"This vessel protects the Lakes by treating its ballast water two times: by conducting an exchange in the North Atlantic, and through filtration and a chlorine disinfection treatment on the ship," says Fednav..

The Federal Caribou is one of a series of 16 Handysize vessels, representing an investment by Fednav of more than $400 million and designed specifically for the Great Lakes. Among other features, the Federal Caribou and its sister-ships have box-shaped holds in order to facilitate the handling of general cargo.

In April 2015, Fednav announced the signing of an agreement with JFE
Engineering Corporation for the installation of ballast water treatment systems (BallastAce) on board its new ocean-going lakers.

The Federal Caribou is one of those ships, and, says Fednav, its voyage to Burns Harbor highlights the fact that Fednav is the first shipping company in the Great Lakes to treat ballast water using an onboard system.

JFE is now pursuing U.S. Coast Guard certification of its BWT system, with U.S. type approval of its equipment expected in 2017.

In addition to being equipped with BWTS, the ships in the new Fednav series emit 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar vessels built less than 15 years ago and a decrease of over 15% in nitrogen oxide emissions.

They have a CLEAN notation from classification society DNV GL.

"This vessel confirms that the protection of the Great Lakes is a priority for Fednav and demonstrates the confidence we have in the region's future," said Paul Pathy, President and Co-CEO of Fednav Limited and Chairman of Federal Marine Terminals at a ceremony on board the ship. "These ships will allow us to offer our customers in Indiana and throughout the region an unparalleled service at a higher standard."

"We commend and congratulate Fednav for its commitment to make these longterm investments that benefit so many on the Great Lakes," said Rich Cooper, CEO for the Ports of Indiana. "The company has always taken the Lake's environment very seriously and being the first to outfit its newer ships with onboard ballast water treatment systems further validates just how committed it really is. We are proud to call Fednav a 'true partner' at our port on Lake Michigan and salute the company for its innovation and leadership in the maritime industry."