ABS and Samsung Heavy move ahead on 3D model based surveys

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Image: ABS

Classification society ABS and shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) have signed a new joint development program (JDP) agreement to develop 3D model-based surveys.

The signing of the new agreement follows development of a paperless 3D model-based design and review process that completed a JDP signed at Gastech in Houston, Texas, in September 2019.

The project now moves into the next phase now with pilot 3D model-based surveys of an LNG carrier.

“We are excited to be extending this technology to Class survey to further demonstrate reduction of paper documentation is feasible,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology. “These projects demonstrate that ABS and SHI can support the design, review, and now survey during construction of ship structure using 3D models in place of 2D drawings. Together, SHI and ABS have invested in proving these fully digital approaches will facilitate delivery of next generation class services with reduced program risk and increased quality and safety. This next step of using 3D digital solutions in the survey process will complete the safety cycle during construction.”

“A 3D model-based Design and Approval Process will change the traditional labor-intensive shipbuilding industry to a digitalized high-tech industry, based on the flow of digitalized 3D model data, in order to increase efficiency, safety and risk management at work. SHI have been applying 3D model-based Design process for a couple of years and we are now preparing to implement 3D model-based construction and survey, to achieve a high quality and safer environment throughout the whole process of shipbuilding in our shipyard. This can be achieved by seamlessly applying advanced digital technology from engineering until delivery, including Class survey,” said Jong H. Youn, SHI’s EVP & Head of Engineering Division.

The project is in line with SHI’s Smart SHI initiative, which looks to create a digitalized and future-oriented shipyard with a completely drawing-less shop floor that assures digital continuity of all integrated solutions and enables cyber-physical manufacturing systems.

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