Ulmatec selected to deliver key component of Chouest SOV

Written by Nick Blenkey
Ultamec gangway

Chouest has gone to a long-time supplier for a key component of the first Jones Act SOV

Hareid, Norway, headquartered Ulmatec Handling Systems AS has been selected to supply a 32-meter motion compensated gangway and logistics support systems for the ECO Edison, the first U.S.-built Jones Act service operation vessel.

The 260-foot vessel is being built for Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) by North American Shipbuilding, an ECO affiliate and will feature spacious cabins and well-appointed facilities for 60 technicians. The vessel will be energy efficient and has been designed with a high level of comfort in mind.

The gangway offers superior workability with its 12 meter telescope compensation range, infinitely adjustable access height (to the wind turbines), integrated elevator in the gangway pedestal, and the potential for power regeneration during gangway operations.

Ulmatec gangway will be key component of Chouest SOV
Ulmatec gangway

Logistics will be simpler with autonomous trolleys along the stepless gangway, and loading and unloading of the vessel will be completed with an integrated 6 metric ton crane function.

For offshore use, a fully 3-D compensated, 3 tonne crane will be accessible via the underside of the gangway.

“This is a vital piece of equipment for the vessel and one of the main requirements for uninterrupted service throughout the year in all sea states,” says Bjørn Gjerde, sales manager at Ulmatec. “We have, together with ECO, planned the optimal layout for the vessel and developed several custom solutions, showing the importance of collaboration and the advantages our customers acquire over the competitors. Our gangway system is fully DP integrated, assisting the crew in choosing the right access point and route between the wind turbine.”

“This is our first large contract for a gangway and reinforces our efforts in this market. We have delivered cargo handling systems, boat landings, gangway pedestals, and accessories within this sector for over a decade,” adds Ulmatec’s chief commercial officer Bjørnar Huse. “With the gangway, we have a full product program for handling equipment on an offshore wind vessel. Our service organization can fully support the U.S. market with remote assistance from our engineers in Norway.”

“Ulmatec has delivered multiple systems and equipment to the ECO group over the years and has a reputation for being service-minded and flexible if support is needed, both for routine maintenance and issues on short notice,” says ECO CEO Gary Chouest

“Ulmatec has committed large resources and funds to become a major supplier for comprehensive W2W systems,” says Ulmatec CEO Iver Bjørnerem. “Our engineers have developed a complete W2W system with leading capabilities for demanding applications. This will have repercussions for both the local community and our employees, as well as significant deliveries from our local vendors, promoting an important chain effect for our region.”

Ulmatec Handling Systems is part of the Ulmatec group, a multinational corporation that offers handling equipment, seismic equipment under the Baro brand, and heat recovery equipment under the Pyro brand. Service and support organizations at three sites in Norway and the U.S, are complemented by a local company in Dubai.

Ultamec gangway deployed at wind turbine
Ulmatec gangway deployed at wind turbine
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