Tanker owner in deadly McCain collision ordered to pay U.S. $45 million

Written by Nick Blenkey
MCCain damage

Malaysian Navy photo shows damage sustained by USS John S. McCain

In a case stemming from the August 21, 2017, collision between the USS John S McCain and the tanker Alnic MC, U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty ruled yesterday that the United States was 80% responsible for the collision and that the owner of the Alnic, Energetic Tank Inc., was 20% responsible.

Ten sailors aboard the USS John S McCain died in the accident and 48 were injured when the ships collided in the Middle Channel passage of the Singapore Strait Traffic Separation Scheme.

There were no injuries to the crew of the Alnic MC.

In his ruling, Judge Crotty, denied Energetic Tank’s petition for limitation of liability and its petition for exoneration.

He ordered that Energetic Tank pay the United States $44,585,714 plus post-judgement interest.

The trial will now proceed to Phase II claims by personal injury and wrongful death claimants.

Among interesting facts to emerge from the case is that the United States stipulates that it suffered $185 million in damages to the USS John S McCain which took 450 days to repair.

There’s much more in the full 70 page ruling. You can download it HERE.

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