Podcast: In a digital age, connectivity is more important than ever

FEBRUARY 20, 2018 — Shipping is being transformed by disruptive technology. Increasing automation and digitalization are turning the traditional shipping model on its head. In the age of big data and the

Podcast: Offshore wind: Which way is the wind blowing?

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 — While offshore wind energy has grown rapidly in Europe, it has been slow to take hold in the U.S. But a favorable breeze may be picking up as

Podcast: Schoenrock Hydraulik eyes U.S. shipbuilding market

DECEMBER 27, 2017—Despite the overall slump in global shipbuilding, German shipbuilders were able to maintain a strong orderbook in 2017, driven by a buoyant cruise ship sector and Navy vessel construction. The

Podcast: Nautican’s Elizabeth Boyd Discusses Propulsion Efficiency

DECEMBER 18, 2017 — Optimizing performance, reducing fuel consumption, and improving profitability for ATB, tug, and workboat operators is more important than ever. Founded in 1972, Nautican engineers and manufactures hydrodynamic solutions

Podcast: Inside Marine Pipe Joining Systems with Victaulic’s Len Swantek

DECEMBER 12, 2017—For almost one hundred years, Victaulic has been producing mechanical pipe joining solutions for some of the most complex piping challenges faced by engineers, shipbuilders, naval architects, contractors and distributors.

LIVE FROM NOR-SHIPPING 2017: What’s happening on BWT?

JUNE 1, 2017—Ship’s ballast water is full of aquatic species, both visible and invisible to the naked eye. Water taken aboard ship as ballast in one coastal region and discharged in another

LIVE FROM NOR-SHIPPING 2017: The future of LNG

MAY 31, 2017—Clean burning and plentiful, natural gas has emerged as a viable alternative fuel for ship operators to comply with ever-stricter global emissions standards. By burning natural gas, operators can cut

Live from SMM: Reintjes unveils new down angle gearbox

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016—A number of new marine products and services were unveiled last week by the 2,200 exhibitors on hand at SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Among the new propulsion products was

Live from SMM: The future of cylinder oil lubrication

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016—Cylinder oil lubrication has become increasingly more complex with the advent of Emission Control Areas (ECAs) requiring the switch to lower sulfur fuels. On top of that, the move to

Live from SMM: Big data changes business model

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016—Unlocking big data is a key to making shipping more efficient. But securing that data is also critical. With most of the equipment and systems on board a ship networked,