Chris Biernat of Elliott Bay Design Group

FERRIES 2022: EBDG naval architect to present on “green” passenger/vehicle ferry concept

Next month at Marine Log’s FERRIES 2022 conference—taking place November 1-2 in San Francisco—one of Elliott Bay Design Group’s (EBDG) naval architects, Chris Biernat, will present on a conceptual passenger/vehicle ferry for

fossil-free steel

Alfa Laval aims to produce the first plate heat exchanger made with fossil-free steel

We’re a long way from seeing ships made with green steel, but ships’ equipment made with fossil-free steel may not be far away. With global steel production accounting for some 7% of

Clarksons looks at car carrier trade trens

Clarksons: Alternate-fueled vessels take a record share of world newbuilding orders

Clarkson’s Research reports that the first half of 2022 saw a record 268 alternate-fueled newbuilding vessels ordered, totaling 22 million gross tons and with a total contract value of $38 billion. This

Ricky Elder advocates hydrogen fuel cells

Op-Ed: Achieving net zero emissions

by Ricky Elder; Zero Emission Industries Governments, companies, and individuals alike have come to recognize the very real need to reduce the emissions we subject to our planet. As a contributor of

Shipping decarbonization

Op-Ed: Markets will reward decarbonization first movers … time for legislators to do the same

By Stéphanie Lesage, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Airseas There is a growing consensus that immediate action is needed to decarbonize shipping, but much of the debate remains focused on alternative fuels

Fuel cell concept

ABB and Ballard mark hydrogen fuel cell milestone

A partnership between ABB and fuel cell specialist Ballard Power Systems, Burnaby, B.C., has marked a maritime milestone. Their concept for a high-power hydrogen fuel cell capable of generating 3 megawatts (4,000

Arrangement for transforming LNG into hydrogen fuel

Is the future of LNG as a marine fuel to use it to produce hydrogen?

Current barriers to the uptake of hydrogen as a ship’s fuel include the difficulties and costs of its production, distribution and on board storage. However, by producing hydrogen on board using readily

Clarksons looks at car carrier trade trens

Clarksons looks at shipping’s uptake of green technology

Summarizing the latest trends in green technology uptake and fleet renewal from the Clarksons’ Fueling Transition report and monthly data series, Steve Gordon, Clarksons Research managing director, comments that the uptake of

Compressed hydrogen carrier

Second GEV compressed-hydrogen carrier design gains ABS AiP

Perth, Western Australia-headquartered Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV) is pushing forward with its plans to develop compressed hydrogen tankers as a means of transporting green energy to regional markets. Back in July

hydrogen fueled test boat

Yanmar completes high-pressure hydrogen refueling test

Using a demonstration test boat equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, Yanmar Power Technology (YPT) has conducted the world’s first 70 MPa (over 10,000 psi) high-pressure hydrogen refueling of a vessel. The