net-zero shipping

Op-Ed: Smaller vessels get us to zero-emission shipping

We’ve got seven years to keep shipping in line with 1.5oC warming goals. True zero-emission shipping is currently possible for smaller vessels that have the potential to prove that zero-emission shipping is

Jason Berman headshot

Op-Ed: Change is coming to sustainable shipping

Jason Berman, Chief Commercial Officer at S5 Agency World shares five predictions the shipping industry should expect for sustainable shipping in 2023. Change is a constant in the shipping industry, and this

Sean McLaughlin, Strategy Consultant, Houlder

Op-Ed: Proactive collaboration needed for clean technology

To find out more about how companies feel about clean technology in maritime, Houlder recently undertook a qualitative survey of senior executives from large and small shipowners across the container, tanker, bulk,

Brent Perry talks about maritime decarbonization

Op-Ed: How can we get maritime decarbonization underway?

By Brent Perry, CEO of Shift Clean Energy  Maritime decarbonization (or green shipping) is a growing topic of conversation as leaders worldwide begin to pay attention to the crucial need of transitioning

Steve Esau

Op-Ed: Bio-LNG production is scaling rapidly

By Steve Esau, Chief Operating Officer, SEA-LNG The European Commission’s REPowerEU plan aims to boost European biomethane production tenfold from 3.5 bcm today to 35 bcm per year by 2030. Much of this

shipping decarbonization

Op-Ed: Shipping decarbonization one step at a time

Maritime needs to start viewing the shipping decarbonization transition as running a marathon, not a sprint says Mikael Wideskog, Wärtsilä’s Director, Sustainable Fuels and Decarbonization.  When you train for a marathon, you

Op-Ed: Reliable partners matter in critical projects

A reliable project partner will deliver what project managers and shipyards need, when they need it and where they need it. But beyond that, a reliable partner with in-depth knowledge is critical

Op-Ed: Rotor sails and the race to decarbonize

By Nick Contopoulos, COO, Anemoi As a renewable source of energy, wind is now a compelling option for shipowners. Rotor sails were first installed on a vessel over 100 years ago. But

Nathan Wood

Op-Ed: Fuels, emissions and sustainability

By Nathan D. Wood, Carbon Reduction Scientist Nathan Wood is a carbon reduction scientist at U.K.-based Tunley Engineering and is responsible for processing, analyzing, and presenting carbon assessment data. He combines this with

Op-Ed: EEXI and CII—despite their flaws, this year’s milestones represent a step in the right direction 

New year, new rules. MIS Marine’s Managing Director Dominic McKnight Hardy shares his insight on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) regulations concerning energy efficiency and carbon intensity from a Marine Assurance perspective.