Bio-tech based solution helps prevent hard fouling during outfitting

FEBRUARY 21, 2018 — As global water temperatures increase, global “biofouling hotspots” in subtropical/tropical areas are intensifying, exposing newbuildings at some of the world’s major shipyards to greater risk of hard fouling

Bio-based antifoulant proves effectiveness in two year trial

JANUARY 29, 2018 — Gothenburg, Sweden, based bio-tech company I-Tech says that a twenty-four-month trial on a 46,067 dwt chemical and products carrier has confirmed the hard fouling prevention power of an

HullWiper cleaning system now available in Suez Canal ports

DECEMBER 19, 2017 — GAC Egypt is now offering the HullWiper hull cleaning service to vessels berthing at ports in the Suez Canal. The eco-friendly remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has already attended

NRG Marine launches new ultrasonic antifouling system

NOVEMBER 20, 2017 — Coventry, U.K., headquartered NRG Marine has launched Soni8, its first ultrasonic antifouling system designed specifically for large commercial vessels and superyachts Soni8 is the latest product in the

Third Chugoku A/F to contain bio-repellent Selektope

JUNE 22, 2017 — Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) has added a third product containing the the bio-repellent antifouling ingredient Selektope. Chugoku’s Sea Grandprix 880HS Plus is based on hydrolyzing technology and can

Four Stena newbuilds to have bio-repellant antifouling

JUNE 7, 2017 — Stena has signed a contract to coat the hulls of four newbuild RoPax ferries with paint that incorporates the bio-repellent antifouling ingredient Selektope. On order at the AVIC

Antifouling foul? More tin sneaks in

APRIL 19, 2017 — Remember TBT? Perhaps the most effective antifouling toxin ever, organotin tributyltin (TBT) was banned by an IMO convention that came into effect in 2008. Or was it? There

Biotech based antifouling agent goes mainstream

AUGUST 15, 2016 —The first branded marine coatings to feature the breakthrough antifouling ingredient Selektope have been launched by coatings major Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP). Developed by I-Tech AB, a Swedish

Five year analysis shows effectiveness of Jotun HPS system

APRIL 7, 2016 — Coatings specialist Jotun reports that it has analyzed the first ever five year drydocking of a vessel treated with its Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) system. The data indicated

Switch to Intersleek earns shipowners carbon credits

FEBRUARY 24, 2016 — AkzoNobel reports that the first carbon credits, worth a total of more than $500,000, have been issued to the owners of 16 ships that have converted from a