Webinar: How U.S. Shipbuilding is Implementing Sustainable Business Practices

Join us on Thursday, March 3, 2022, 1 PM EST

As U.S. shipyards and suppliers feel the pressure to “go green” and be more sustainable, some have already implemented these practices into their operations. Register Now >

In this live webinar, Marine Log will be talking to Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Fairbanks Morse Defense, and Leonardo DRS—three of the top government shipbuilding outfits and suppliers in the country—on the topic of sustainability in shipyards and marine vessel systems.

Eastern Shipbuilding Group is one of the only shipyards in the United States that is ISO 14001 compliant and has been certified for more than a decade. Meantime, Fairbanks Morse and Leonardo DRS have been making their own mark in the world of sustainable shipbuilding. Find more out on how these companies are implementing sustainable business practices into their operations and ships, including innovations built into new offshore patrol cutter vessels, the future fleet of the U.S. Coast Guard, and other newbuilds.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the shipyard marine propulsion system manufacturers are creating a more sustainable operations;
  • How a push for zero waste and lower emissions are shaping marine vessel projects;
  • Which innovative green technologies shipyards are looking at to implement into newbuilds; and more.

Who’s Speaking:

  • Joey D’Isernia, President, Eastern Shipbuilding Group
  • Keith Haasl, Vice President Solutions, Fairbanks Morse Defense
  • Ed Thaxton, Naval Power Systems Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Business Development, Leonardo DRS
  • Heather Ervin, Editor in Chief, Marine Log

A live audience Q&A will round out the discussion.




Joey D’Iserni

  • President
  • Eastern Shipbuilding Group

Keith Haasl

  • Vice President, Solutions
  • Fairbanks Morse Defense

Ed Thaxton

  • Naval Power Systems Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Business Development
  • Leonardo DRS

Heather Ervin

  • Editor in Chief
  • Marine Log