First Vessel launched at Eastern Shipbuilding using FORAN


The Harvey Sub-Sea is the first of two MPSVs being built for New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine.

The FORAN CAD/CAM system was developed by Spanish engineering firm Sener. Back in June 2013, Sener and Eastern Shipbuilding inked a deal for the complete implementation of FORAN.

The goal of the implementation was to improve the overall design and production processes at the shipyard. FORAN was implemented in all design and production disciplines and was adapted to fulfill the U.S. shipbuilding practices.

Using FORAN on several vessel construction projects, Eastern Shipbuilding has improved its production time and quality. Eastern Shipbuilding VP of Engineering, Fernando Malabet, says, “Eastern Shipbuilding Group received a regulatory design package with minimal details and extensive areas to be defined and refined during the 3D development of the model. This task needed to be accomplished not only with experienced 3D modelers, but also allowing the Naval Architect to be part of the modeling process, this way filling in the blanks and properly complete the design of the vessel. This can only be achieved by using a Software like FORAN.”

Malabet says, “FORAN not only cut the modeling time by 50% as compared to other software packages, but allowed different disciplines and people with different levels of training in modeling ability, to become part of the process, which made it more efficient, exact, and we had time to receive feedback from Owners and Production. Once the output presentation and process was agreed with the Production side of the yard, with Sener’s help we automated as much as possible the creation of Nests and Assemblies, creating a full package with a time reduction of about 25% in comparison with the time that it took with other software packages.”

“Since the original packages from both design firms for Hull 249 and 234 were ‘Regulatory’ only, ESG was able to complete the design and detailed sufficiently for production purposes with the use of FORAN, for all areas, Structure, Piping, Electrical and Outfitting, involving from Modelers, 2D Designers to Engineers of various disciplines. From this Model, Structural As-Builds will be developed showing a higher level of detail and accuracy than the original package contained. Finally ESG can say: Basic Regulatory Design by VARD (vessel 249) or ROBERT ALLAN (vessel 234) and Detail Production design by ESG, thanks to the use of a fully integrated Software like FORAN,” he says.

Sener, who is collaborating closely with Eastern Shipbuilding to fulfill its demands, is making a strong effort to improve FORAN in order to help the shipbuilding stakeholders to develop better vessel construction projects and to be more competitive. FORAN celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015.