Golden Ray: Responders prep for third cut

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Responders perform maintenance on the cutting apparatus with the heavy lift vessel VB-10000 secured in place with a protective barrier between the vessel’s pontoons. [St. Simons Sound Incident Response photo]

After successfully completing removal of Section Eight, the stern, of the capsized car carrier Golden Ray (see earlier story), the St. Simons Sound Incident Response team is now continue to prepare for cutting operations on the next section, Section Seven.

Preparations include maintenance on critical wreck removal equipment and, as prior to separation of the previous section, perforating the projected cut groove and drilling additional drainage holes along the bottom of the section.

Sea-fastening operations to secure Section Eight on the Barge 455-8, continue in preparation to its transit with Section Eight to a recycling facility in Louisiana.

Responders continue to observe and mitigate light oil sheens and recover debris on the water and at the shoreline.

Response efforts have been ongoing since the 660 foot long car car carrier capsized in St. Simons Sound near the Port of Brunswick, Ga., on September 8, 2019.

Subsequently, it was determined that the vessel could not safely be righted and refloated in a fully intact condition, but would have to be disassembled in place and removed in sections.

Section Eight undergoes sea-fastening operations aboard the barge 455-8 at Mayors Point Terminal in Brunswick, Ga. Responders continue preparations to secure the section for transit to a recycling facility in Louisiana. [St. Simons Sound Incident Response photo]
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