Dupont pioneers space-saving multi-engine scrubber configuration

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 30, 2016 — DuPont, through its subsidiary Belco Technologies Corporation (Belco), reports the first installations of its proprietary in-line, multi-engine marine scrubber serving three auxiliary engines on two newbuild bulk carriers.

DuPont has submitted a patent application for this innovative scrubber inlet configuration which connects multiple exhaust sources at the bottom of a single in-line scrubber tower with minimal space requirements.

This proprietary design minimizes turbulence and back-pressure of entering exhaust, allowing multiple exhaust streams to take advantage of a single slim in-line scrubber tower without the need for large-footprint fans or venturis.

DuPont is showcasing its new design at the USA Pavillion, Hall B7, Booth 3.12/10 at the 2016 SMM trade fair in Hamburg, Germany, Sept.6-9, 2016.

“The DuPont Marine Scrubber design has always been in-line, and now we extend our low back-pressure, no-fans philosophy to the multi-stream design,” says Belco President Tom Saley. “This allows shipowners to significantly save on footprint and can help avoid funnel modifications for retrofits.”

“We are excited to have the first of this design installed and look forward to its commissioning in early 2017,” he adds.

DuPont Marine Scrubbers are available in in-line single-stream and multi-stream designs in Open Loop, Closed Loop, and Hybrid configurations to meet IMO Annex VI and US EPA/USCG VGP sulfur emissions requirements.

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