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Providing seafarers a safe haven

OCTOBER 11, 2018 — The life of a sailor has been romanticized in books, movies, and songs. But in reality, life on the high seas is anything but romantic—there are long days

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Why EU Directive on Seafarers’ Rights needs a fix

DECEMBER 13, 2016 — An EU Directive on seafarers’ rights could well soon fail to reflect the latest requirements of the international Maritime Labor Convention. European shipowners (ECSA) and the European Transport

IMO pledges to continue work on GHG emissions

IMO notes that, to date, it is the only organization to have adopted energy-efficiency measures that are legally binding across an entire global industry and apply to all countries. Mandatory energy efficiency standards for new ships, and mandatory operational measures to reduce emissions from existing ships, entered into force under an existing international convention (MARPOL Annex VI) in 2013. By 2025, all new ships will be 30% more energy efficient than those built last year.

“This is more than a target, it is a legal requirement, and demonstrates that IMO is the correct and only forum to identify solutions and an appropriate pathway for international shipping to de-carbonize with the rest of the globe,” says IMO.

Continuing efforts will include:

  • development of a global data collection system for ship’s fuel consumption to be discussed in detail at the next meeting of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee in 2016,
  • further consideration of a total-sector reduction target for GHG emissions from international shipping as proposed by the Marshall Islands in 2015, and
  • continued investigation of additional mechanisms for ships to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

During COP21, IMO provided an update of its work to address GHG emissions from bunker fuels used for international shipping.

Specifically, IMO reported on its work on guidelines to support the uniform implementation of the regulations on energy-efficiency for ships; and on its efforts with regard to technical co-operation and capacity-building to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of the new regulations worldwide and, activities to support  technical cooperation and transfer of technology for improving the energy efficiency of ships.

With what is now “a clear imperative for IMO’s Member States to rise to the challenge set by the Paris Agreement,” Secretary-General Sekimizu says, “I now encourage Governments to bring the spirit of the Paris Agreement to IMO and come forward with new, creative proposals and to approach them in a constructive and cooperative manner.”

Mr. Sekimizu says that the challenge set by the Paris Agreement also extends to ship designers and marine engineers to develop the technological solutions, to those who operate and manage ships, to seafarers and those who educate them and, importantly, to the business of shipping, which needs to ensure that investment in innovative low carbon technologies is properly incentivised.


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FMC Commissioner Doyle’s statement on El Faro disappearance

The ship was enroute from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR. On Monday, four days after the ship vanished, the Coast Guard concluded it sank near the Bahamas in about 15,000 feet of water. One unidentified body in a survival suit was spotted, and the search continues for the other 32 crew members. The search continues today.

 Commissioner Doyle sailed as an engineer aboard the SS Mayaguez on the Philadelphia – Jacksonville – San Juan trade route in 2001. Doyle issued the following statement today:

“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the employees, contractors, families and friends of TOTE Maritime, including my brothers and sisters of the Seafarers International Union and the American Maritime Officers Union, on the recent disappearance at sea of the vessel El Faro. I am praying for the safe rescue of any survivors, as well as for those who have passed.

“It is with a heavy heart that my deepest sympathies are extended.

 A Mariners Version of Psalm 23:
The Lord is my pilot; I shall not drift.
He lights me across the dark waters. He steers me through deep channels.
He keeps my log.
He guides me by the star of Holiness for His name’s sake.
As I sail through the storms and tempests of life, I will dread no danger, for You are
near me; Your love and care shelter me.
You quieten the waves with oil, my ship rides calmly.
The Lord looks over me while waiting at sea for a safe harbor
And at the end of my voyage, I shall rest in the port of my Lord.”


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U.S. tanker American Phoenix commissioned by MOTC

JULY 18, 2012—The U.S.-flag chemical tanker, 49,000 dwt American Phoenix was recently commissioned by Mid Ocean Tanker Company (MOTC). With the length of 616 feet long, beam of 105 feet and draft