Bouchard promotes Marsha Volgyi to crewing manager

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Marsha Volgyi

Melville, N.Y., based Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. has promoted Marsha Volgyi to crewing manager.

Prior to working at Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc., Ms. Volgyi worked for twelve years in the cruise shipping sector, including managing cruise ship crew members onshore.

Ms. Volgyi graduated from SUNY Maritime College in September 2018, with a master’s degree in international transportation management and a license as third mate unlimited tonnage. In November 2018, she joined Bouchard as crewing assistant. Throughout her time at Bouchard, Ms. Volgyi has demonstrated a dedicated ability to successfully manage the proper crewing of the entire fleet, while also managing all vessel employee needs.

As crewing manager, Ms. Volgyi will oversee Bouchard’s crewing department to ensure the safe manning of all vessels, while maintaining employee files, training records and evaluations. In addition, she will be responsible for issuing vessel assignments, monitoring crew changes, and will manage the recruitment strategy and proper review of all applications, licenses and qualifications of prospective crewmembers.

She will play a key role in instilling Bouchard’s Safety First mission across the entire fleet. Safety starts with leadership, and Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. has a vast crew of experienced leaders onboard both the tugs and barges.

“I speak with the Tug Captains, Tug Mates, Barge Captains, and Barge Mates on a daily basis about the progress of safety,” said Ms. Volgyi. “In particular, I ensure that the mariners are wearing their PPE (personal protective equipment), that they are filling out the proper forms, and I answer any questions they may have regarding company and/or Coast Guard procedures. Safety comes from clear communication between both the offshore crew and shore side operations, and through effective communication all jobs are completed safely and with knowledge. Additionally, our mariners have been selected because they know that when they adhere to the proper procedures, everyone benefits.”

Ms. Marsha Volgyi is passionate about the business, and enjoys helping Bouchard’s crew and prospective crewmembers achieve their goals.

“I intend to create a safe environment of new mariners and to recognize those who have successfully demonstrated their skills while at sea,” she said. “I will promote those that are ready, and will hire those who meet Bouchard standards and who are hungry to work hard and learn.”

“Whether it be offshore or shoreside, we encourage all women to pursue their dreams of working in maritime”, said Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. President and CEO, Mr. Morton S. Bouchard III. “Marsha’s hard work, dedication and organizational skills did not go unnoticed, and her commitment to managing our crew is a key element to achieving our Safety First mission.”

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