Gilbert Associates Inc. Earns Loyalty and Trust

Written by Leia Sills

Gilbert Associates Inc. offers vessel design services from initial concept through detailed designs including all aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering. Our vessel design portfolio includes passenger vessels, tow boats, tugs, barges, research vessels, and other workboats.  Our firm is also well known for our consulting services including speed and power analysis, stability analysis, mid-life refurbishments and vessel lengthenings.  The strengths we bring to our new designs are enhanced by the knowledge and experiences gained by these types of consulting projects.  We continue to find new and better ways to serve our clients through a blend of creativity and technical ability while drawing on the experience and expertise of many decades immersed in the industry.  The firm has claim to 35 passenger/vehicle ferries or passenger ferries built to its designs, ranging in size from 50 feet to over 300 feet including the ferry vessel “Captain Richard G. Spear” for Maine Department of Transportation in 2020.  We are also helping to move America’s resources with an extensive fleet of both retractable and conventional tow boats ranging from 80 ft to 190 ft in length including FMT’s 120 ft “Stephanie Pasentine” also delivered in 2020. Gilbert Associates’ experience and ability in the design of passenger vehicle ferries, tow boats, and other work boats is evident by the number of vessels built over the years and is highlighted by the construction of sister vessels – a clear indication of designs that not only met the intended specifications but, in many cases, exceeded them.  Gilbert Associates stands as it always has by its designs with the customers’ interests always first.   We employ a straight-forward honest approach to ship design and take great pride in our vessels and the loyalty that we have from our customers.

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