VIDEO: Giant box ship that blocked Suez Canal now under tow

Written by Nick Blenkey
Ever Given under tow

Videos released on YouTube showed giant Evergreen containership under tow after being freed. It went no further than the Great Bitter Lake.

Efforts to refloat Ever Given, the giant containership that has been blocking the channel since March 23, have succeeded. As we reported earlier, the ship had been partially refloated by this morning. Now, a series of push and pull maneuvers by a flotilla have fully freed the vessel and video on YouTube shows her headed for the Great Bitter Lakes under tow.

Currently, 193 vessels are waiting at Port Said for the southbound convoy and 201 at Suez for the northbound convoy. Another 43 are waiting at Great Bitter Lakes.

GAC Hot Port News reports that Suez Canal Authority (SCA) divers have inspected the vessel’s bottom for safe navigation.The ship’s hull and bottom will be re-inspected at Great Bitter Lakes for technical reasons.

Transit convoys and traffic will resume after the grounded vessel arrives at Great Bitter Lakes and the backlog of vessels in the Bitter Lakes/Suez and Port Said areas is cleared.

The convoy system will change temporarily until transits are back to normal, expected in 3-4 days.

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