Self-quarantine crucial for Singapore crew changes

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Image: CDC

GAC Singapore reports that after a signing-on crew member was found positive for COVID-19 on arrival in Singapore, the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) had to muster significant resources to trace travelers who were in proximity with the affected individual.

“All shipowners, managers, and manning officers are reminded to impress upon all signing-on crew members that they must observe their own 14 days isolation period.” says GAC. “This is one of the primary pre-requisite conditions mandated by the MPA upon itsin-principle no objection for crew change.”

Crewing and manning companies must also monitor and check signing-on crew randomly and frequently to ensure that the isolation regime is being complied with.

GAC says that the Singapore Shipping Association is warnings that a second incident could jeopardize crew changes in Singapore and there will be severe penalties imposed for incidences of any crew landing in Singapore with COVID-19 symptoms.

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