NYK Line orders LPG dual fueled VLGC duo

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Vessels will be equipped with on deck LPG fuel tanks, extending their range without increasing vessel size.

Japan’s NYK Line reports that it has ordered its first two liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) dual-fueled very large gas carriers (VLGCs). They will be built at Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd’s Sakaide Works shipyard and are set for delivery in 2022.

NYK Line notes that, when using LPG as fuel, the vessels’ exhaust gas will contain at least 85% less sulfur oxide (SOx) and 15% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than conventional VLGCs burning fuel-oil.

The new VLGCs will comply with both the IMO 2020 sulfur limits and EEDI phase 3 requirements for CO2 reduction.

They will have the following dimensions:

  • Length overall: approx. 230 meters
  • Breadth: 37.20 meters
  • Depth: 21.90 meters
  • Summer draft: 11.60 meters
  • Tank capacity: approx. 86,500 cubic meters (includes on-deck tank capacity of 2,500 cubic meters)

The ships will be equipped with LPG tanks on deck, making it possible to load LPG for fuel separately from the LPG cargo. Having the LPG tanks on deck also extends the cruising range of the vessel when LPG fuel is used. even though the size of the vessel remains the same.

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