MISHA Shipping to install DESMI BWMS fleet wide

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 18, 2018 – DESMI Ocean Guard A/S, Aalborg, Denmark, has finalized a contract with Turkish company MISHA Shipping for fleet wide supply of its CompactClean Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS).

The contract includes delivery of 10 CompactClean BWMS in sizes from 340 to 750 cu.m/h. The first system is to be delivered later this year.

MISHA Shipping is a privately held Turkish company with both shipping and shipyard activities. The vessels are shallow-draft dry cargo vessels primarily designed for operations in Russian inland waters, Black Sea and Mediterranean ports, as well as a new generation of sea-river vessels optimized for navigation in Volga and Don channels and unrestricted navigation at sea.

MISHA shipping went through a thorough selection process before the CompactClean system was chosen. You can read its reasons HERE.

Rasmus Folsø, CEO of DESMI Ocean Guard, says: “With the CompactClean system, we have managed to develop a system that can treat ballast water everywhere in the world and meet both IMO and U.S. Coast Guard standards. The system is free of any troubling operational limitations and can treat water independent of its salinity (fresh, brackish, and marine water) and temperature. Features that are important to a shipowner like MISHA Shipping.

“However, just as important to MISHA is the fact that we belong to the DESMI Group of companies having more than 180 years of history and a global presence with worldwide service network. This provides confidence that we are here to provide support to MISHA for many years to come.”

The CompactClean BWMS consists of an automatic backflushing filter, a UV unit, valves, sensors, and controls. The UV unit has a unique and patent pending shape that is the result of hundreds of state of the art numerical simulations. This shape ensures optimum dosage of the UV to all organisms in the water, and the result is a system that, according to DESMI, meets even strict USCG type approval requirements.

Folsø says the CleanCompact system is suitable for ballast flowrates anywhere from approximately 50m3/hr to 3,000m3/hr. It has no limitations regarding water salinity or temperature, and it has also been tested at short holding times in order to be approved withoutany minimum required holding time.

The system also includes many features that are of importance to the daily operation. One example is automatic generation of PDF reports that document all the performed ballast water treatment, in a format that is suitable for submission to local port state authorities and others. Another is that the system includes a pump that can be used as stripping pump under ballast stripping operations.

The CompactClean BWMS is currently undergoing type approval testing according to both IMO and USCG requirements, under the surveillance of Lloyd’s Register. It is expected that type approval certificates will be in hand around June/July 2018.

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