Shell launches new range of EALs

Written by Nick Blenkey
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NOVEMBER 20, 2014 — Shell has launched a new range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), including Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100. The Shell Naturelle range of products enables ships entering U.S .waters to comply with the revised 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP).

The 2013 revised VGP impacts all commercial vessels longer than 79 feet and requires the use of EALs for all applications with a possible oil-to-sea interface unless technically infeasible.

Affected applications include stern tubes, rudder bearings, controllable pitch propellers, stabilizers, thrusters, wire ropes and cables.

Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 is made with fully saturated ester base oil, which offers the best resistance to hydrolysis (breakdown by water) and oxidation (oil aging). It is also a non-emulsifying fluid, which allows ship operators to easily drain any water from the stern tube system, preventing hydrolysis and biodegradation of the oil within the equipment.

Shell says that what sets Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 apart from the competition is the wide range of approvals it has received from stern tube original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Aegir-Marine, Blohm & Voss (SKF), Kemel and Wärtsillä Propulsion.

In addition, Shell has also launched a VGP-compliant range of gear oils, hydraulic oils, wire rope lubricant and greases, almost all with EU Eco Label certification and approvals from top original equipment OEMs. 
”We are delighted to introduce our new Shell Naturelle range of EALs and give our customers the peace of mind that they can comply with these regulations when they enter U.S. waters. We have also taken the choice to use the best available technology to better protect our customers’ equipment,” said Jan Toschka, General Manager of Shell Marine Products.

Shell’s Naturelle range of VGP-compliant products is available in major ports across Shell’s global network.

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