OceanSaver offers BWT “future-proofing” deal

Written by Nick Blenkey

ocean-saverFEBRUARY 11, 2013 — Drammen, Norway, based OceanSaver says it “is ripping up the rulebook of the ballast water treatment (BWT) industry to give shipyards and shipowners something that is truly unique for the sector – total certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.”

For 10 percent of the cost of its BWT system, OceanSaver has announced that it will configure new ships for the easy installation of a unit at a later date, fitting base components to allow its type-approved system to be simply “plugged in” when required.

Tor Atle Eiken, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing of OceanSaver, says:
“IMO’s BWT mandates are looming large on the horizon, with all tonnage required to comply with the legislation and fit systems by 2016. However, several key territories are yet to ratify these IMO treaties, creating uncertainty – not to mention the potential for major system installation bottlenecks – right across the industry.

“As a result, many shipowners are simply delaying planning for compliance… a dangerous game to play when the future operation of their vessels is at stake.”

OceanSaver’s 10 percent deal sees essential piping and power supply installed, alongside other key base parts such as system bed plates and connections is intended to giveowners and operators peace of mind, without the need for substantial financial outlay in an increasingly cost conscious sector.

Once configured, says OceanSaver, ships are essentially future-proofed. If the conventions are ratified, as expected, systems can be fitted quickly, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Mr. Eiken says. “It gives shipowners a kind of insurance policy, whereby they are prepared for any outcome. If the mandates are ratified the system can be quickly fitted, but if not then the shipowner has only paid a fraction of the price of complete installation. The sense of security that provides is something simply unheard of in the BWT arena.”

Foremost Group has already taken advantage of the offer and OceanSaver will configure two bulk carriers for future system installation. Preparation work is due to take place on the vessels during 2013 and main installation during first drydocking or according to IMO rules and regulations.

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