Machine learning helps TotalEnergies cut emissions

Written by Nick Blenkey
TotalEnergies LNG carrier

Image: TotalEnergies

French energy major TotalEnergie is using a solution from Nautilus Labs to visualize and analyze data from its LNG carrier fleet in order to optimize overall efficiency and cut emissions. Working as a charterer, TotalEnergies works with a range of shipowners and required a solution that would work seamlessly with those owners’ existing systems. The company is a

Nautilus Labs, which has centers in New York, Singapore and Paris, is the developer of the Nautilus Platform which leverages high frequency sensor data and builds machine learning models to predict vessel performance, normalized for environmental factors. Its partnership with TotalEnergies began in November 2020 and has since been expanded to the energy major’s full long-term chartered fleet.

TotalEnergies, a founder signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter, uses Nautilus Platform to improve, streamline, and automate emissions monitoring and reporting, including CII tracking.

“As a charterer, your systems and partners have to be flexible, smart, being able to adapt to new requirements and regulations,” says Jerome Cousin, vice president LNG shipping at TotalEnergies. “In Nautilus we found a solution that can work with any owner and seamlessly integrates all data sets, helping us optimize performance and decisions made during voyages, to ultimately cut greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, we leverage Nautilus Platform to ease and streamline the process of emissions monitoring and reporting. Nautilus is an important partner for us to achieve our ‘Net Zero by 2050’ goal.”

“We’re excited to work with TotalEnergies, supporting their path towards carbon neutrality,” says Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs. “We often see siloed data and stakeholders in the industry, resulting in fuel waste and excess emissions. Nautilus Platform supports TotalEnergies in breaking down those barriers and embracing open collaboration. Our solution provides actionable insights, rooted in machine learning and naval architecture to help the industry drive towards maximum efficiency and decarbonization.”

TotalEnergies is also planning to use Nautilus Platform to optimize LNG cargo management.

“TotalEnergies and Nautilus partner to optimize total LNG consumption through dynamic operational recommendations,” says Eric Lepesan, head of LNG shipping operations at TotalEnergies. “Nautilus’s machine learning-based voyage optimizations will soon include recommendations for management of cargo temperature and pressure to minimize boil-off gas, allowing us to cut down fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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