LR’s Palmer takes on key UN shipping decarb role

Written by Marine Log Staff
LR's sustainability manager will push forward shipping decarbonization

LR’s global sustainability manager, Katharine Palmer.

Lloyd Register’s (LR) global sustainability manager, Katharine Palmer has been appointed as the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) High-Level Climate Champions’ (HLCC) Shipping Lead to support the shipping industry’s drive to decarbonization.

As the HLCC’s Shipping Lead, Palmer’s main focus will be to mobilize industry commitment and action needed to achieve 5% zero-carbon fuels in international shipping by 2030, as outlined in the UNFCCC Climate Action Pathway. By networking and building collaboration, she will also drive break-through industrial scale first mover demonstration projects.

Palmer has been seconded to the HLCC team through the Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonization Hub (MDH) – a joint initiative between LR Group and Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the shipping industry, Palmer is a recognized industry sustainability expert and established thought leader in relation to climate change, decarbonization and the energy transition in the maritime sector.

“There is a growing coalition of private sector action across the maritime value chain—making commitments and taking bold steps to innovate and demonstrate routes to scale in this decade of action to make zero-emission vessels commercially viable, safe and sustainable by 2030, setting shipping on course for zero by 2050,” said Palmer. “This is a really exciting time to be part of the Race to Zero and support mobilizing commitment and action across stakeholders, geographies and shipping sectors to make the tipping point of 5% zero-carbon fuels in international shipping a reality. Shipping is integral to decarbonizing global supply chains and by putting shipping centre stage at COP26 and showcase private sector action we can be a catalyst for decarbonizing supply chains around the globe. I look forward to engaging with networks and organizations across the world to make this a reality.”

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