BIMCO publishes BWM Convention guide for seafarers

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 — BIMCO has published a Shipmaster’s Ballast Water Manual to provide clear, accessible information for seafarers dealing with the practicalities of daily ballast water management.

The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention came into force on September 8, 2017. To prevent the transfer of potentially invasive species, ballast water must now be treated before it is unloaded into a new location, so that any micro-organisms or small marine species are destroyed.

The manual covers all aspects of the convention, including regulatory implementation, inspections by port state control and charterers and the latest guidance issued by the IMO.

There are currently numerous ballast water management systems that have been approved by the IMO but IMO member states and most seafarers are still unfamiliar with their operations.

Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General at BIMCO said:

Implementation of the BWM Convention has been just around the corner for a long time, but there is still a great deal of confusion over the actual realities of the operational requirements, each ships’ ballast water management plan and the associated record keeping to demonstrate compliance.

This new guide has been written with seafarers in mind, in a practical and easily accessible way, to be used onboard at sea, helping the crew to manage the new obligations safely and effectively.

BIMCO’s Shipmaster’s Ballast Water Manual links to the already established safety management system (SMS) covering the company and the ship, which includes proper plans for shipboard operations. The SMS requires crew and officers to be familiar with applicable onboard instructions and procedures, including ballast water management.

The manual reflects latest guidance from the IMO and can be ordered online ( or by emailing [email protected] The Shipmaster’s Ballast Water Manual is priced €150, or €85 for BIMCO members.

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