Deltamarin unveils design for 80 m LNG fueled ferry

SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 — Turku, Finland, headquartered Deltamarin has unveiled a new ferry design. Called DeltaLinx, the compact 800 passenger, 80 m ferry is designed for short coastal routes to link small neighboring towns and to have a minimal environmental footprint.

The ready-to-apply DeltaLinx design uses existing technologies to its full potential and integrates them into the smallest possible package, enabling the ferry to operate in small ports and congested harbors. The propulsion system utilizes LNG as fuel to eliminate SOx and to reduce NOX and CO2 in exhaust gases.

A large LNG tank below the car deck is designed for weekly refueling.

The vessel length of approximately 80 meters allows easy operations between smaller towns and congested ports. High-lift rudders and a bow thruster make maneuvering easy.

Reduced resistance and low wash are ensured by streamlined hull lines. To cope with rough weather along the route, an extensive freeboard in the bow area is provided. Additionally fin stabilizers ensure smooth sailing.

The spacious multipurpose passenger facilities allow for seasonal adjustments by operators. They are arranged on two decks and include a spacious restaurant and pub, a children’s area and small spa corner.

Inside and outside seating combined with an exclusive SkyRoom mean that the ferry is an exciting place in all weather conditions.

To make the vessel suitable for disabled persons, a passenger lift from the car deck is provided.

The main car deck can accommodate up to 82 cars (incl. partial mezzanine deck) or 16 trucks. The bow and stern ramp arrangement enables easy drive-through loading and unloading operations. The unobstructed main deck (exhaust casings at sides) also helps to smooth the cargo operations.

The ship’s main dimensions and watertight subdivision ensure compliance with SOLAS 2009 and the Stockholm Agreement. Lifeboats and Mass Evacuation System (MES) are installed onboard for full international as well as domestic voyages. A Man Overboard Boat (MOB) and rescue boats are also provided. Fire safety is ensured by proper fire zone arrangement and state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment.DeltaLinx main dimensions

Length     Lpp     73.10 m
Loa     80.40 m
Breadth     B     18.00 m
Draft     T     4.00 m
Height (car deck)     H     6.75 m
Deadweight     dwt     1,220 t
Cargo capacity     lane meters     360 lm
cars only     82
trucks only     16
Passengers     no.     800 persons
Service speed     V     15 kn.
Total propulsion     P     6,000 kW

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